Raw Concrete Design are a local Hawkes Bay design company that specialises in creating handcrafted, bespoke, polished concrete products for both residential and commercial projects.

We create kitchen bench tops, bathroom vanities, vessel sinks, outdoor tables, outdoor BBQ benchtops, fireplace surrounds, furniture and much more using GFRC (glass fibre reinforced concrete). Everything we create is handmade and custom built to the clients needs. Due to the irregularity of the concrete product, each product is truly unique.  The possibilities are limitless with GFRC so please contact us if you have something bespoke in mind! Take a look at our portfolio for our recent work and please follow our instagram @raw_concrete_design to see what we have been up to.

All products are produced in our Hawkes Bay workshop and delivered to you. Whilst we are located in the Hawkes Bay, we can service many parts of New Zealand.


GFRC (or GRC) stands for glass fibre reinforced concrete. In short GFRC consists of cement, fine aggregate, acrylic co-polymer, water and glass fibre.


GFRC has been used for the past 30 years by decorative concrete artisans who have discovered the benefits of GFRC. However it is only in recent years that the GFRC product is getting the widespread recognition and use it deserves.

Glass fibre reinforcement gives the product much higher flexural and tensile strengths and a very high strength to weight ratio compared to standard concrete. This means that the GFRC product does not crack easily and ultimately enables us to apply it to a wide range of designs.

GFRC is a lightweight, durable material that can be cast into kitchen benchtops, commercial countertops, bathroom vanities, splash backs, fireplace surrounds, wall facade panels and more. Due to the internal reinforcement using glass fibre, the product can be cast in thinner sections. This enables us to create products at a third of the weight of standard concrete meaning no reinforcement is required to your floors or cabinetry.

It takes some time for anyone to be proficient with GFRC. At Raw Concrete Design, we have been solely focused on GFRC as a benchtop surface and have the skill set to produce GFRC at the highest standard.


Toby is the founder of Raw Concrete Design.

Having built an admirable career in the corporate world that had taken him from Auckland to London and back, Toby had become tired of the day to day monotony that came with his office job. He resigned from his role, and he and his young family relocated to the Hawkes Bay.

In 2017, Toby reconnected with a school friend who is an expert in GFRC. They got talking and soon after Toby took the plunge into the world of concrete creation and design. He took Toby under his wing and has been teaching him the art and science behind GFRC ever since.

Toby has big plans and is excited about what is in store at Raw Concrete Design. He has found a real passion for concrete as a material and loves the timelessness, uniqueness and raw natural beauty that concrete can bring to all parts of the home.